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Ozone Custodianship

In 2016, Next Century Corporation was named by the NSA Technology Transfer Office as the Ozone custodian for Ozone Widget Framework (OWF), Ozone Marketplace (OMP), Ozone Platform (OZP) and all future Ozone Technologies. Becoming the technology custodian solidifies Next Century as the premier provider of Ozone services. In this role, Next Century serves as a facilitator for the Ozone Community and advocates for Ozone’s concepts and ideals: information should be available where you need it, when you need it, how you WANT it. To empower the Ozone Community, we serve as an information conduit for Ozone-related development, concepts and artifacts. Through Maintenance & Support subscriptions and Consulting Development Contracts, Next Century ensures that subscription-holding Ozone Community members have the opportunity and means to share their individual work for the betterment of all, and take advantage of development and insight provided by other members.

Services and Offerings

Next Century offers the following that are not included in the Custodianship.

Ozone Maintenance & Support

Priority Bug Fixes
Direct Lines of Support
Security Patches
Release Bundles

Ozone Development & Consulting

Widget Development
OWF Development
Marketplace Development
OZP Development
Ozone Workflow

Ozone Education & Training

OWF Widget API Workshop
OWF and Marketplace Overview
Customized Training

Latest news

Ozone Widget Framework (OWF)

Ozone Widget Framework (OWF)


Ozone Marketplace (OMP)

Ozone Marketplace (OMP)

Search and Discovery

Ozone Platform (OZP)

Ozone Platform (OZP)

The Next Generation

"Workflow" - the activities necessary for completing a task or a job "Ozone Workflow" - the interconnected tools for a complete solution

Whether your workflow is needed to provide situational awareness, information monitoring, or enable data analysis and nexus identification - Ozone can help. Ozone workflows are designed to integrate disparate information sources and enable them to communicate. Users can aggregate all available information and visualize it in a manner most useful for the job at hand.
Interoperability + Integration = Informed Decisions