Ozone 7.17.1 GA Released to GitHub

Ozone is happy to announce the release of OWF 7.17.1 to the public GitHub repository at https://github.com/ozoneplatform/owf-framework/releases/tag/v7.17.1 . Here you will also be able to find and download the 7.17.1 bundle.

Included in this release is the following:

  • Updated sample Keystore and User Certs to extend expiration date.
  • Updated sample data to work with current version.
  • Issues

    • Fixed issue with removing automatic groups.
    • Fixed Internet Explorer (IE) 11 Styling and Theme.
    • Fixed Drag and Drop in IE11.
    • Fixed issue where the compile_all_themes script did not fail without compass.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • #51 Error when running create-web-bundles.bat.
      • #73 Automatic groups do not get added to user profiles.
      • #76 Deleting user in OWF deletes all associated ROLEs in database.
      • #81 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest warning when Access Alert is dismissed.
      • #85 Fix dashboard lock on restore

    Link to latest Release Notes