Ozone Education and Training

There is a difference between education and training. Education disseminates necessary background knowledge used to understand and communicate the “why” of a solution. Training prepares students with the skills and practical expertise to apply a solution.

The Ozone team believes there is incredible value in both training and education, and provides tools to accommodate and encourage both.

Two courses are offered:


OWF Widget API Workshop

The OWF Widget API Workshop is the premier Ozone training course. In this two-day workshop, students walk through hands-on labs that familiarize them with the OWF Widget APIs and demonstrate their use in practical scenarios. Students leave with a working-level knowledge of how to use the Ozone Widget APIs to enable communication among widgets and create inter-widget workflows.

Students will learn:

  • Use and Best Practices for the Eventing API
  • How to use the Intents API to add user options for data display
  • How to apply the Launching APIs to widgets
  • Customization through the Preferences API
  • Much more… a full list of Labs provided below

Labs include:

  • Environment Access
  • Server Management
  • Folders and Files
  • Create an App/Dashboard
  • First Widget
  • JS Debugging
  • Eventing API
  • RPC for Point to Point API
  • Intents API
  • Drag-n-Drop API
  • Preferences API
  • Launching API
  • State API
  • Chrome API
  • Theming API

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OWF and Marketplace Overview

The OWF and Marketplace Overview is an online session designed to orient system managers and users to the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) and Ozone Marketplace (OMP) products. The training will go over features for each product to familiarize students with what the features are and how they work. As part of the live session, our expert trainers will answer questions and provide information from a developmental and live practice experience. Features covered for OWF and OMP include items such as:

  • Ozone Marketplace (OMP)
    • Creating listings
    • Searching for listings
    • Federated/Franchise Stores
    • Listing Approval Workflow
    • Adding listings to OWF
  • Ozone Widget Framework (OWF)
    • Widgets/App Components
    • Apps
    • Widget APIs
    • Administration
    • Sharing Apps

Additionally, if students are interested, the instructor can discuss the differences between OWF/OMP and OZP.

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Customized Training

We also offer customized training that is tailored to the specific needs and interests of your team and your program. Our experts will work with you to design a training curriculum meets your specific needs. For more information, contact us.