Ozone Consulting

Ozone powers solutions: interoperability, integration, efficiency…and a host of flexible capabilities that we will optimize and customize to meet your needs.

Next Century employs decades of Ozone design, development, and deployment experience to achieve Ozone solutions.  Through consulting and support services, their knowledge will improve your Ozone experiences.  Whether you have questions regarding application, or require full solution development and integration support, Next Century will accomplish your goals seamlessly and effectively.


Ozone Consulting Services provide the knowledge, technical expertise and execution resources to help you meet your needs.  Whether you are deploying a strategic enterprise-level system or a focused tactical application, our team has the capabilities to help you ensure success.

We offer full support to Ozone design, development and integration/implementation, with practical expertise in Agile and user-centric design methods as well as continuous integration processes.

    Design and Development

    Choosing to use Ozone is your first step to enabling highly flexible, extensible, interoperability workflows. Next, you must fully optimize your solution: to do this developers must fully understand their users’ missions and the workflows needed to accomplish those missions. Next Century provides key support, experience and established relationships to enabling this connection.

      Ozone Workflow Development

      Ozone solutions use the “Assembled Capabilities” design method. This allows users to quickly assemble discrete widgets, applications, and data sources into powerful, user-centric, Ozone workflows.  All users-from tactical teams to command rooms-can assemble data sources critical to a job or task within a single desktop view or aggregated them into new information displays. This ensures every user has the information they need where and how they need it.

      To maximize the utility of Ozone Applications, the Next Century team takes a holistic view to designing software that embodies the principles of user experience: putting the needs of the user in focus through rapid design iterations and continual engagement with the users and stakeholders in the development process. Combining user-centric design with the efficiency of Agile development best practices, Next Century ensures that Ozone workflows provide what a user NEEDS, the way they WANT it.

      Widget Development

      Widgets are the puzzle pieces that create full “pictures” in an Ozone workflow.  Ensuring the pieces fit, and when connected, provide the right representation of the information is key to building a solid Ozone workflow.

      Next Century has been involved with Ozone since its infancy and has significant experience building, integrating and deploying widgets. We will use our expertise on the Ozone architecture, current browser-based programming languages, and widget development best practices to build cutting-edge widgets that will enable your Ozone solutions.

      If you want to maximize the utility of your current Ozone solution, or assemble a new inter-operable, user-centered application through the Ozone framework, we can help. Contact Next Century.


    A solution is only useful if it meets the needs of the users where and when they need it. Infrastructure design, application deployment, and security are key components that ensure a solution’s success. Ozone provides users with a high-level of availability, and with assurance that data requiring protection is safeguarded.

    The Next Century team has developed and deployed software within the intelligence community and other government agencies since Next Century’s creation. We will apply our experience, lessons learned and best practices garnered through these years of experience to support your needs.  We provide custom solutions for:

    • Infrastructure design
    • Resource assessment
    • Scalable architecture
    • Deployment strategy
      • Scripted or manual
    • Security and 508 accreditation
    • Ozone customization and themes
    • Training and documentation

    If you want to ensure success of your deployment, Contact Us to see how Next Century can help.

    Ozone Onsite

    Choosing to use Ozone is a first step in enabling highly flexible, extensible, interoperability workflows. Next, you must fully optimize your solution: to do this developers must fully understand their users’ missions and the workflows needed to accomplish those missions. And when time is of the essence, resources need to be readily available.

    Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Recovery, military operations – all require rapid response to changing requirements and needs. Ozone Onsite provides Ozone development expertise as fly-away support – Ozone assistance when you need it, where you need it. Contact Us

Ozone Customer Support

Ozone customer support delivers unmatchable product knowledge and expertise. There are a number of resources available to subscription-holders within the Ozone Community. For direct inquiries, the Next Century team provides email and phone support from subject matter experts (SMEs) that quickly respond with functional and technical information about the products, capabilities, and implementation assistance. Subscriptions also include access to internal support forums and the community knowledge base. Contact Us

Additional items offered with support:

  • High priority bug fixes
  • Security patches and updates
  • Pre-built bundle releases
  • Formal release testing
  • Documentation of fixes and updates
  • Implementation support
  • Security plugin support

Ozone Core Development

There are times that Ozone meets 90% of your needs. Next Century will use its years of Ozone’s expertise to build solutions that 100% accomplish your goal.

Have a feature or capability you want to see in the baseline?  Contact us to discuss how Next Century can make your vision a reality. Contact Us