Ozone Marketplace (OMP)


Marketplace similar to a commercial application store like Apple’s App Store or the Google Chrome Web Store, operates as a thin-client registry of applications and services. It enables users to create, browse, download and use a variety of applications or software components known as listings. Listings can be Widgets, plugins, REST & SOAP services, Web apps, and more. From searching and discovering new tools, to using and managing those tools or building custom workflows—Ozone will make your organization more efficient.


With Marketplace, you can discover applications that exist across the community-not just within your organization. Use it to find applications that meet your needs. By capitalizing on existing resources, Marketplace will save you time, money, effort and manpower.


Robust searching and sorting features enable users to find the applications they need when they need them. Search based on key terms, filter by listing types and categories and sort listings by the newest or most popular in the store.


Learn what the community thinks of listings. Users can add star ratings and comments to any application listing. Use this easily accessible information to add context and guidance when selecting the right application for your task.

Listing Workflow

Marketplace presents an approval workflow that allows any user to add and submit a listing to the store. Once submitted an administrator is notified that the listing is ready for review. The administrator then has the ability to reject the listing and provide justification for the rejection or approve the listing and make it searchable in the store.


Marketplace provides multiple mechanisms for informing the community about its listings. Owners can assign types, categories, descriptions and much more to define their listings. Additionally administrators can create custom fields for specific fields that may not currently exist in the system to further define listings.


While Marketplace can operate independently, using it with OWF provides one location for everything users need to do their jobs. Do you use a perfect set of applications to do your job? You can easily build a custom layout and workflow for those resources in OWF—then with a few clicks, share that workflow with your team or the whole community.

Technical Details


      Internet Explorer 7, 8, & 9.
      Firefox 24.0 through the latest stable release.
      Chrome 25 through the latest stable release.

      Java 1.7 or higher.
      Tomcat 7 (included in bundle).

Want to learn more?

Go to the Marketplace GitHub Repo. From there you can learn more about Markeplace, download the code base, read the documentation and get the latest releases.

Interested in becoming a contributor?

Go to Marketplace GitHub Repo and fork the code. Make some changes and submit a pull request. The Ozone team will review your pull request and evaluate if it should be made part of the Marketplace project. For more information on the patch process please review the Patch Process.