Ozone Widget Framework (OWF)


OWF is a web application that allows users to easily access all their online tools from one location. Not only can users access websites and applications with widgets, they can group them and configure some applications to interact with each other via widget intents. Marketplace is a web application that allows users to search and discover widgets and applications that can be used in OWF.


Distributed web applications running inside an iframe. Widgets provide flexible versions of the tools that you use every day. Consider creating widgets for email accounts, maps, word processing and spreadsheet tools, useful websites or anything else you’d like to access from a single screen.


Layouts used to arrange and display your widgets. Dashboards are easy to create and customize. If you find the perfect layout, you can export that dashboard and share it with the rest of your team. Dashboards can include more than one pane. Each pane can display your widgets in different formats including Desktop, Accordion, Portal, Tabbed and Fit panes.


With OWF, users can access disparate systems in a seamless workflow. It provides a workspace where data from different systems can communicate within the browser without sending information back to their respective servers.


Security in OWF matches the needs of the organization. OWF is controlled via plug-in modules that allow custom access on a user-by-user basis. The flexibility of the framework enables widget developers to easily include their own widget-based security. That means you can give a user access to OWF but exclude them from specific widgets.

Widget Intents

Secure communication between widgets. If you have to find data in one system and then move it with another system, OWF may be able to do it for you using custom Widget Intents. OWF ships with several examples including Channel Shouter and Channel Listener widgets. Many teams have used these examples to build their own widget intents. And if your team doesn’t have those kind of resources, contact the Ozone team to build them for you for an additional cost.


OWF allows disparate systems to come together in a seamless workflow for users. Systems that are not allowed to communicate with each other and have data on different systems can now communicate in the browser without mixing secure data on servers.

Technical Details


      Internet Explorer 7, 8, & 9.
      Firefox 24.0 through the latest stable release.
      Chrome 25 through the latest stable release.

      Java 1.7 or higher.
      Tomcat 7 (included in bundle).

Want to learn more?

Go to the OWF GitHub Repo. From there you can learn more about OWF, download the code base, read the documentation and get the latest releases.

Interested in becoming a contributor?

Go to OWF GitHub Repo and fork the code. Make some changes and submit a pull request. The Ozone team will review your pull request and evaluate if it should be made part of the OWF project. For more information on the patch process please review the Patch Process.